Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Ramadan – Unfit for Public Office

Let me begin by saying I supported David Ramadan.  Early on, when he was appointed to the George Mason University Board of Visitors, I was among the first to congratulate him.   When he was the subject of protests by wing nut anti-Muslims, I was among the first to defend him

But something happened somewhere along the campaign trail, and that something is deeply troubling.  Now Nixonesque in his no-holds-barred approach to campaigning and countering dissent, Ramadan has proven my support woefully misplaced.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

11th Commandment Be Damned

Republicans are raised with Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment,” that being Republicans should never speak poorly of other Republicans.  Well, folks, the commandments in my Bible ends at 10 (cue the Spinal Tap video), and Reagan was just plain wrong on this one (cue the lightning strike).

First of all, the very idea of putting party ahead principle smacks of both Stalinist totalitarianism and Orwellian though control.  I am an American before I am aRepublican.  I happen to agree with vast majority of the Republican Party’s ideas, and that’s why I joined the party.  It is, however, only a means to an end.  I belong to the party because it fits with my beliefs, and not the other way around.  When the party or the party’s candidate diverges from my principles, I follow the path of my principles.

Silencing legitimate criticism of a candidate does no one any good.   An embarrassing candidate is a lightning rod for the opposition, and taints the party’s good candidates.  We see that all the time, especially in presidential or gubernatorial elections where the top of the ticket is unpopular and drags down all the party’s candidates.  As such, it is far better to cull the heard of these inferior candidates, and even possibly lose an election or two, than suffer with a buffoon year after year, election after election.  The party and the electorate are far better off in the long run,

I readily admit that I have filled in the oval for the candidate with the R following his name despite some misgivings.  I did so not because the party told me to but because I believed that, despite the candidate’s shortcomings, it was still the better alternative.  On the other hand, a candidate may be so despicable that party affiliation must take a back seat.  Unfortunately, I feel that is the situation with several local races, and I, for one, will not abdicate my responsibility as an American voter and support these clearly inferior candidates nor ignore obvious evidence of the unfitness for office.  

So don’t be surprised if in the coming weeks you see some painfully blunt assessments of these candidates.  And one in particular.

Lloyd’s Political Rule No. 2: Don’t Anger Bloggers

A few weeks back, I offered some truly groundbreaking political advice, “Don’t be stupid.”  I now offer a second bit of equally radical advice:  “If you don’t want to be vilified in the blogs, don’t piss off the bloggers.”

That means don’t lie to them, don’t threaten them, and don’t mention their families.  Ever. You may not like what they have to write, but keep in mind they have the pen and will always have the last word.

The advice is really just a corollary to Rule 1, but since some candidates just haven’t gotten the message, it apparently warrants separate mention as a rule of its own.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our One and Only Yard Sign

The War Department and I decided years back that we didn't want our front lawn to look like a minor-league outfield every election season. We agreed, therefore, to have no more than one sign per election, bestowing that dubious distinction on the single candidate we most strongly supported (and could vote for) in the upcoming election.

So here is ours.  Who is your number one?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comstock v Danner in the 34th

The Republican Party's off-season investment in Barbara Comstock seems to be paying off. With redistricting, the Republican leadership was able to add seven conservative Loudoun precincts to her 34th House district in a clear attempt to shore up the district as clear R territory. And with that boost, Comstock has now become one of the most successful fundraisers this election period, having raised more than $419,000 and with more than $261,000 cash on hand.  She's spending that money wisely, too.  Her fold out 8x10 mailers, which seem to come about every day now, hit upon good solid topics like jobs and education.  No divisive social issues in her mailings or her website.

On the other hand, her Democratic opponent, Pamela Danner, is basically dead in the water.  She has only $75,000 on hand, no name recognition, and no great story to tell.  Moreover, she's shown herself as the typical Democratic candidate - a "community activist" who touts her position on divisive social issues like adding sexual orientation to the list of prohibited bases for employment discrimination. She's heavily self-funded when you consider the contributions from her firm and her husband's company Ideamatics, although the Virginia Democratic Party is her biggest contributor,  Oh, and did I mention her +$100 contributions from  Loudoun County - $0. and 0 contributors.

 It's only mid-September, so I'll be generous and give her a standing eight count    Give it another couple weeks, and we'll count her out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The New and Improved Dick Black. Now, With 33% Less Crazy!

It is amazing how some voters are so easily duped by politicians. Obama was able to fool more than half the country with nothing more than a big bag of hope. Clinton was able to convince millions that he "did not have sex with that woman" just by saying it.

Apparently, we have that same kind of thing going on right here with Dick Black. Several commenters on this blog and elsewhere, formerly skeptical of Mr. Black’s odd antics and carpetbaggery, have now become born-again members of the Black Brigade. Seems he's managed to convince them that he's a changed man, no longer espousing the plastic fetus-mailing views he held as a . . . . cough. . . young man those ten years ago. Nope. Now, he's all about the economy, transportation, jobs. None of that anti-gay, anti-everything stuff he used to say to everyone.

Got news for you, boys. You're been had. Black is playing the oldest game in the politician handbook: tell people what they want to hear. And you are willingly suspending disbelief just because he's the Republican nominee and giving you some attention. Wake up, people!

The fact is that any R is going to vote with the majority of Rs 90% of the time, just like the Ds.  In effect, then, you really are voting the party and not the candidate. The problem comes when the party’s candidate is so distasteful to even those who support the party’s agenda that “hold your nose and vote” just won’t work. That’s how a lot of Rs feel about Mr. Black.

The problem I have is not those who vote for Black because he’s the R nominee – there are, quite fairly, varying degrees of willingness to support for the party’s agenda despite a bad candidate. The problem I have is with those who say that Black has now changed his stripes as a reason for now supporting him. Either they are painfully naive or completely disingenuous. Take your pick.

Obama Ordered a Secret Military Strike on the Vatican!

Barack Obama dresses like Queen Victoria on the weekends

Barack Obama secretly likes the Detroit Lions

Barack Obama is ET's half brother.

Testing, testing.  Is this thing on?

Monday, September 12, 2011


It’s well known that Ronald Speakman is a psychotic liar.  He has lied repeatedly about living in Loudoun County since 1985 when land records and voting records clearly show otherwise (we’ll put aside, for a moment, the state tax problems that Speakman will have given his residency issues).  And, of course, he lied when he signed the LCRC pledge stating he would support the Republican nominee for sheriff.

Now, in another truly bizarre move, the tool has proven himself a cheat, too.  In an “open letter” email to Loudoun County Republican Committee chairman Mark Sell, the crackpot refuses to cease using the list of email addresses provided to him by the LCRC, effectively publicly telling Sell to pound sand.  Of course, that email also was sent to everyone on the list he’s now misappropriated.

I’m no fan of lawsuits, but this is clearly one of those situations requiring swift, certain and severe legal action.  If its “trade secrets” are being misused, it’s clearly incumbent on the LCRC to sue him for breach of contract and immediately seeks an injunction against further use.  Of course, that would assume the LCRC leadership did get some kind of written agreement regarding use of the list in the first place.  They did do that, right?  Please, please tell me the LCRC doesn’t just turn over the secret sauce to just any yahoo who signs a goofy pledge to support the Republican nominee.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Susan Buckley: The Gold Standard in Constituent Service

Photo of Supervisor Susan Buckley

I’ve strongly disagreed with her on policy issues including her disingenuous vote against raising the tax rate because it wasn’t high enough, but when it comes to constituent services, Susan Buckley is a phenomenal advocate for her constituents. Incumbents, and candidates, at all levels of government should take note.

A couple examples prove my point.

  • Shortly after her election, she was able to secure funding for a sidewalk sorely needed for from funds already allocated for such improvements. The same community group for years had met with a combination of disinterest and unwillingness from her predecessor.
  • More recently, Supervisor Buckley responded to another safety issue in her district with detailed information on a question raised by a constituent within two hours, and a call from the LCSO station commander later that afternoon.
Putting political affiliation aside, this is exactly the kind of constituent service we should expect from any elected representative whether supervisor, school board member, delegate or congressman. While others put their personal projects, political priorities and psuedo-fiefdoms ahead of the people who elected them, Supervisor Buckley clearly delivered for her constituents and did so promptly and without the visibility that politicians so ardently seek. She stands in stark contrast to those other supervisors who apparently won’t respond to constituents at all or only do so when the cameras are rolling.

As much as I would welcome a more conservative voice when it comes to taxation, I certainly will expect a comparable level of service from her successor.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Oh, God. Let It Go."

Those were the first words spoken by the War Department this morning when I told her that Jo-Ann Chase's supporters had filed suit challenging David Ramadan's residency and his victory in the 87th HOD Republican primary.  

Ramadan, for his part, issued a statement yesterday which reads,

Her attempt to use the Courts and legal system to influence the outcome of an election is generally the tactics used by third-world despots. Now that the voters have spoken, Jo-Ann Chase is taking it even further. She has put up supporters of her campaign to file suit and attempt to have the results of this past election nullified, again, using the tactics of third world despots to try to intimidate me.
 Admittedly, I have very little firsthand knowledge of third world despots, so maybe I'm missing something in what David is trying to convey here.  All I can say is the same thing I said a few weeks back, 86 the 87th.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Early Bets in Local Races

With the first week of college football betting season upon us, let me offer, in true Sunday morning infomercial tone, my sure-fire, stone-cold-lock four-team parlay of Republican winners in November. No doubt, some will say, “No news here - there’s virtually no difference between these races and the unopposed ones.” Maybe, but it’s a Week One warm up, and I want to pad by 2-1 record following the primaries.

At any rate, here are the winners (assuming only that they don't set fire to a locked orphanage before November 8):

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Virginia Wine - A Hit Locally and Nationally

Governor McDonnell's office announced today that the sale of Virginia wine has reached an all-time high, increasing 11% over the past year.

No doubt the major reason for the increase is the recent opening of the Virginia Wine Factory in Brambleton Town Center.  It's a hip yet unpretentious place that offers wine tasting from their own Vino Curioso label (made in VA) and other great wines from the Commonwealth and beyond. With the weather cooling down now, its outdoor seating is a great place to hang out before catching a movie next door.  More info on it from the Patch.

Stop into the VWF and help support local wines and small business.  Tell them Lloyd the Idiot sent you and receive a free quizzical look.

(I don't have any ownership interest the VWF nor have I been compensated for work on any of its campaigns, but the owner is long-time buddy of mine and better give me a free tasting for this plug.).