Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Susan Buckley: The Gold Standard in Constituent Service

Photo of Supervisor Susan Buckley

I’ve strongly disagreed with her on policy issues including her disingenuous vote against raising the tax rate because it wasn’t high enough, but when it comes to constituent services, Susan Buckley is a phenomenal advocate for her constituents. Incumbents, and candidates, at all levels of government should take note.

A couple examples prove my point.

  • Shortly after her election, she was able to secure funding for a sidewalk sorely needed for from funds already allocated for such improvements. The same community group for years had met with a combination of disinterest and unwillingness from her predecessor.
  • More recently, Supervisor Buckley responded to another safety issue in her district with detailed information on a question raised by a constituent within two hours, and a call from the LCSO station commander later that afternoon.
Putting political affiliation aside, this is exactly the kind of constituent service we should expect from any elected representative whether supervisor, school board member, delegate or congressman. While others put their personal projects, political priorities and psuedo-fiefdoms ahead of the people who elected them, Supervisor Buckley clearly delivered for her constituents and did so promptly and without the visibility that politicians so ardently seek. She stands in stark contrast to those other supervisors who apparently won’t respond to constituents at all or only do so when the cameras are rolling.

As much as I would welcome a more conservative voice when it comes to taxation, I certainly will expect a comparable level of service from her successor.

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