Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comstock v Danner in the 34th

The Republican Party's off-season investment in Barbara Comstock seems to be paying off. With redistricting, the Republican leadership was able to add seven conservative Loudoun precincts to her 34th House district in a clear attempt to shore up the district as clear R territory. And with that boost, Comstock has now become one of the most successful fundraisers this election period, having raised more than $419,000 and with more than $261,000 cash on hand.  She's spending that money wisely, too.  Her fold out 8x10 mailers, which seem to come about every day now, hit upon good solid topics like jobs and education.  No divisive social issues in her mailings or her website.

On the other hand, her Democratic opponent, Pamela Danner, is basically dead in the water.  She has only $75,000 on hand, no name recognition, and no great story to tell.  Moreover, she's shown herself as the typical Democratic candidate - a "community activist" who touts her position on divisive social issues like adding sexual orientation to the list of prohibited bases for employment discrimination. She's heavily self-funded when you consider the contributions from her firm and her husband's company Ideamatics, although the Virginia Democratic Party is her biggest contributor,  Oh, and did I mention her +$100 contributions from  Loudoun County - $0. and 0 contributors.

 It's only mid-September, so I'll be generous and give her a standing eight count    Give it another couple weeks, and we'll count her out.

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