Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Ramadan – Unfit for Public Office

Let me begin by saying I supported David Ramadan.  Early on, when he was appointed to the George Mason University Board of Visitors, I was among the first to congratulate him.   When he was the subject of protests by wing nut anti-Muslims, I was among the first to defend him

But something happened somewhere along the campaign trail, and that something is deeply troubling.  Now Nixonesque in his no-holds-barred approach to campaigning and countering dissent, Ramadan has proven my support woefully misplaced.

From the beginning, his campaign has been odd.  At times, he defended his inflammatory support of the mosque at Ground Zero, and at times he attempted to explain it away.  At times, he defended his Muslim beliefs, and at times he stressed a Christian background.  When criticized for his overcompensation in these areas and others, he angrily confronted his detractors.  What really seems to have revealed more fatal character flaws, however, was his contentious primary battle with Jo-Ann Chase.

Ramadan never publicly denied his involvement in an epic smear campaign against Chase, digging up very personal items from Jo-Ann’s past including her medical history and family problems.  Quite the opposite, he used that information himself in one of his many, many large glossy mailers in which he publicly lambasted Jo-Ann on a private child custody issue.  It was disgusting, and certainly unbecoming anyone seeking public office.  His aggressive tactics and vitriol didn’t end there.  When later challenged on his residency, he whined that Jo-Ann was “using the tactics of third world despots to try to intimidate me.”

 Funny he should say that.

Ramadan recently tried some intimidation tactics of his own.  In an attempt to silence an inconsequential blogger, he revealed the bloggers identity to a third party whom he believed had some financial control over the blogger, and requested the third party take action against the blogger.  When confronted by the blogger about it, he neither told the truth nor apologized.  In fact, the next day, he had the nerve to go back to the third party and ask assistance again.

The only success Ramadan had with this tactic, as well as the others described above, is to prove clearly that he is not a man to be trusted or tolerated.  Having taken such extreme measures in a campaign for a $17,000 a year job; imagine what he would do once in office and vested with more power.  It’s simply not a risk we can afford to take.  

As I’ve said before, this 87th HOD race has been a disaster for the Republicans, having put forth two completely unfit candidates to choose from.  The only way it could get worse is if one of them were elected.

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