Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vote No on Negative Campaigning

Though he claims that his campaign was not "responsible" for the appalling attack fliers on Tag Greason, Mr. Poisson has never disclaimed whether he knew about the effort. Moreover, he does not state that he ever tried to stop wave after wave of the mailings that, because they are open post cards, make every parent shutter.

Wherever the responsibility for the mailings may rest, the delegate's response is wholly unconvincing -- and yet another reason to vote for Tag Greason.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Got Just What You Asked For

NBC Nightly News ran a story tonight about how credit card rates have increased recently. The explanation attributed to the credit card companies was that their costs have increased. The real reason, which even the banks admit, is that the new Credit Card Act has, in fact, forced banks to increase rates to marginal, and even good, customers to make up for their upcoming inability to change rates on customers who pay late. And now, Joe-on-the-street is complaining about how his interest rate is increasing. Waa waa. This is exactly what happens when socialist policies are implemented -- the good subsidize the bad.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Turn Out the Lights . . .

The party is over for Creigh Deeds. Despite the fact that Obama, Clinton and Warner are scheduled to appear over the next few days, the Dems are running from him. And for good reason. He's a crappy candidate and will get his clock cleaned by McDonnell. McDonnell did a great job of sloughing off "thesis gate" with compelling testimonials from the women he appointed or worked with as AG. Not to mention, he had a positive attitude in his talk about building jobs and roads for Virginians.

Deeds, on the other hand, ran nothing but a negative campaign. No real vision. And the Dems are already trying to protect the president, saying that Deed's loss wasn't Obama's fault.

Deeds was never strong, but the most significant factor is that Virginians already are sick of the socialist agenda advanced by Obama and the Dems.