Monday, September 12, 2011


It’s well known that Ronald Speakman is a psychotic liar.  He has lied repeatedly about living in Loudoun County since 1985 when land records and voting records clearly show otherwise (we’ll put aside, for a moment, the state tax problems that Speakman will have given his residency issues).  And, of course, he lied when he signed the LCRC pledge stating he would support the Republican nominee for sheriff.

Now, in another truly bizarre move, the tool has proven himself a cheat, too.  In an “open letter” email to Loudoun County Republican Committee chairman Mark Sell, the crackpot refuses to cease using the list of email addresses provided to him by the LCRC, effectively publicly telling Sell to pound sand.  Of course, that email also was sent to everyone on the list he’s now misappropriated.

I’m no fan of lawsuits, but this is clearly one of those situations requiring swift, certain and severe legal action.  If its “trade secrets” are being misused, it’s clearly incumbent on the LCRC to sue him for breach of contract and immediately seeks an injunction against further use.  Of course, that would assume the LCRC leadership did get some kind of written agreement regarding use of the list in the first place.  They did do that, right?  Please, please tell me the LCRC doesn’t just turn over the secret sauce to just any yahoo who signs a goofy pledge to support the Republican nominee.

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