Sunday, October 21, 2012

Is the Stimulus Working? The World May Never Know

Just like the number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, we may never know how well (or poorly) Obama’s $831 billion stimulus plan is working.  Why, you ask?  Well, it’s because Obama has simply ignored his obligation to provide quarterly reports. Full story at The Weekly Standard.  Until he provides some details, Obama’s “trust me, it’s working” answer is no more reasoned or compelling than Mr. Owl’s.

Pretty pathetic, especially from an administration that had promised transparency in all operations of government — apparently a promise that holds true only so long as the news favors the incumbent

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Controlling the Rising Cost of a College Education

The populist rant about student loan debt is epic in its insanity. If I understand it correctly, recent graduates basically are saying they just shouldn’t have to pay back the outrageous amounts they borrowed to finance their college education because  . . . well . . . they borrowed too much.  Looking to the success of the auto industry, they, too, look to the government to bail them out, too.

The underlying problem is this.  Under the ruse of making college attainable for everyone, government-subsidized higher education is really just a government subsidy of universities and colleges themselves.  Government-spons0red student loans, grants and tax credits simply artificially create demand, allowing colleges to more easily raise their tuition, tuition having far surpassed the rate of inflation (even medical care) over the past 30 years.   Just like cheap (and easily obtainable) credit drove up the cost of housing, easily obtainable credit for students is driving up the cost of education. Indeed, student lending is the next financial bubble to be sure.

To control tuition costs (and thus student loan debt and the economic risk that comes with that bubble), I offer “The Smails Plan,”  which would drive down tuition costs by removing all government-sponsored student lending programs.  Once the easy credit is gone, demand goes down and tuition increases are brought under control.  Lloyd saves the economy once again.

The plan and how it works are more fully described in the video below.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Rally at Ida Lee for the “Gosh President”

Without the benefit of our own private motorcade, 10-year-old Nuclear Device No. 2 and I made it to the Romney rally last night at Ida Lee along with more than 6,600 supporters (exceptionally impressive turnout especially for a Thursday afternoon).  We were not disappointed.

Del. Barbara Comstock, one of the co-chairs of Romney's campaign and Loudoun Insider’s favorite pinup girl*, opened up the evening, followed by a rousing speech from Del. Randy Minchew.  Susan Allen gave a great speech on behalf of George Allen (I'm voting for the Allen ticket;  I’m sure she’ll make a great senator).

I was surprised to see comedian Dennis Miller speak.  He was, to use his term, a pretty cool cat.  I especially liked the way he described Romney and his down-to-Earth demeanor.  Romney’s use of the term "gosh" in conversations with Miller had Miller suggesting that he should be the "Gosh President."  It was funnier when he said it.  The other notable thing was how he forgot Frank Wolf's first name when introducing him.  A bit of an oops, but what do you expect from a comedian.

Romney's speech was exciting and, appropriately, rallying.  He got in a few post-rebuttal barbs, including one about Obama's explanation of high gasoline prices due to the red-hot economy (bwaa haaa haa).  Simply put,  Romney, once again, was showing himself to be the real deal – personable, knowledge and capable.

*Just for you, LI, I updated the post with a photo of her at the podium.