Thursday, September 1, 2011

Virginia Wine - A Hit Locally and Nationally

Governor McDonnell's office announced today that the sale of Virginia wine has reached an all-time high, increasing 11% over the past year.

No doubt the major reason for the increase is the recent opening of the Virginia Wine Factory in Brambleton Town Center.  It's a hip yet unpretentious place that offers wine tasting from their own Vino Curioso label (made in VA) and other great wines from the Commonwealth and beyond. With the weather cooling down now, its outdoor seating is a great place to hang out before catching a movie next door.  More info on it from the Patch.

Stop into the VWF and help support local wines and small business.  Tell them Lloyd the Idiot sent you and receive a free quizzical look.

(I don't have any ownership interest the VWF nor have I been compensated for work on any of its campaigns, but the owner is long-time buddy of mine and better give me a free tasting for this plug.).

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