Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Since No One Else Will Say It - Mark Sell Must Resign

It’s unfortunate that his chairmanship should end this way.  Mark Sell has, by virtually all accounts, done a far better than expected job of guiding the Loudoun County Republican Committee through its typical turbulence.  In fact, he stands on the verge of a huge Republican landslide in the local races.  However, the LCRC-branded zombie email, which brought adverse national attention to little ol’ Loudoun County along with the disgust of every Republican from Gov. McDonnell on down, is not something Sell can shrug off with a half-hearted, “sorry-if-you-were-offended” apology.  Republicans often talk about accountability and personal responsibly, which is why hiding behind the guise of a rogue volunteer is so pathetic and embarrassing –  particularly given that the entire LCRC leadership is composed of volunteers.

The grossly inappropriate email, the insincere apology, and Sell’s continued leadership have put local Republican candidates in very awkward position.  Indeed, they not only must distance themselves from their own party leadership, but murmurs about the email and the Sell’s continued leadership effectively drown out the candidates’ messages.  The only way for local party to credibly redeem itself in advance of the election is for Sell to accept responsibility and immediately step down.  It is also the only way Sell may be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the party.  Each minute he stays as chair, he digs his hole a little deeper.

Editorial Note:  I gave advance notice to Mark that I intended to post this more than six hours ago. I heard nothing back.

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