Thursday, November 3, 2011

Danner Could Not Be Done-r, and the DPV Recognizes It

As my favorite sportscaster Chick Hearn would say, “This one’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard, and the Jell-O's jigglin'!”

Pamela Danner, a two-time loser in bids for the REPUBLICAN nomination for state senate in the ‘90s, has now gone 100% negative in her campaign to unseat Barbara Comstock in the 34th House of Delegates district, desperately trying to raise some kind of divisive social issue,.  But even after stretching Comstock’s voting record like saltwater taffy, she’s still been effectively abandoned by the Democratic Party of Virginia. DPV has paid for her mailings, but, more telling, the DPV has not given Danner a dime in cash

Guess the DPV is more fiscally responsible that we give them credit for.

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