Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Marines and Chick-Fil-A: Sponsors of Domestic Terrorism?

As disturbed as I was to see that any national advertiser would still sponsor the Penn State/Nebraska football game today, I was absolutely sickened that the Marines continued to run their ads, ads that emphasized duty and honor above all else. How very ironic.  Their adverting dollars, part of the $50 million a year the university received from football, feed an enterprise so corrupted by that money that it would provide safe haven for rapists of young boys just to better its chances of winning a football game.  Honor?  Courage?  Hardly.  Criminal?  Terrorist?  Just ask the victims' families and you'll have your answer.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the recent firings have remedied the problem.  Far from it.  This cancer is far more advanced than the mere dismissal of three men will cure.  It's a fundamental cultural issue with the institution, a mindset, which, in many respects, remains almost unchanged through all this.  Just look at the signs about Joe Paterno that surrounded the stadium during the game.  If anything, Paterno's firing has turned him into a martyr.

Therefore, stealing a page from the liberal activists" playbook, I urge you to join me and others in  boycotting, as best you can, those companies that continue to advertise during Penn State football games.
Below is a partial list of advertisers from today's game along with a few comments.  Most are national but some are local, so a boycott some could have an immediate and profound impact in some cases.

Chrysler (would never buy one anyway)
Farmers Insurance
State Farm Insurance
Sprint (worst service ever, so no real sacrifice)
DG Debt Relief
US Postal Service (Like I said, some are hard to boycott)
Citizen Disability helpline
Cici's Pizza
JackLinks Jerky
Chick-Fil-A (very surprising, especially considering their Christian, child-friendly environment)
Home Depot
Yeungling (no sacrifice there)
Applebees (same)
Russell Athletic
US Marines
Aviva Life Insurance
Amazon Kindle

To be perfectly hones, I'm not sure what a boycott really would do considering some of the advertisers, but I, for one, refuse to do nothing. 

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