Wednesday, November 2, 2011

McDonnell Bails on Loudoun Rally; Zombie Email to Blame!

Governor McDonnell, scheduled to attend a rally for Loudoun County Republican candidates on the steps of the Leesburg Courthouse on Thursday, has decided not to attend the event.  The notorious zombie email and pitiful response by the LCRC leadership no doubt are to blame.

I can’t recall who predicted this, but you sure were right.  Why would the governor attend a rally surrounded by nitwits who either penned this completely inappropriate email, refused to accept responsibility for it, or refused to condemn it?  Good for him.

Sadly, the good candidates who had the courage to stand up to the nitwittery, like Randy Minchew, Tag Greason, David Ramadan, Mike Chapman and Matt Letourneau, are the ones who suffer the most.
Like I said in the post below, the only way to move on is to clean house.  This latest development just proves my point.

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