Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bravisima! McGimsey Aides Speak Out About Abuse

You may recall several weeks ago, former aides to Supervisor Andrea McGimsey related their stories of  abuse over her three-plus years in office.  Well, now, at the Ashburn Patch, they’ve identified themselves and tell a story of a completely unhinged supervisor. Wow!  Everything from caring for her cat to abusive rants to eight voice mails per day.  What a fine example of humanity!

McGimsey, for her part, was not the least bit apologetic,  responding only that she was  “saddened” by it all.  Saddened?!  She ought to be mortified!

And, as reported on TC earlier, Patch discusses McGimsey’s expenses that are wildly out of line with other supervisors.  McGimsey spent $23,164 of your tax money term to date.  Waters, by comparison, spent less than 2% of that at $281

Congratulations to those courageous aides who came forward!  Now, let’s just hope that Shawn Williams and Cliff Kierce don’t split the vote.

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