Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election Reflections

The earthquake during the primary was just a foreshadowing of the tsunami that hit last night.  So many great stories, so much to say.  Not in any particular order, here’s my own bleary-eyed perspective on the results to add to what Loudoun Insider already has said.

Biggest Losers: Easy one. Mike Turner, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and Loudoun Democrats. They saw their nefarious plan to redistrict Loudoun County blow up in their faces like a high school science experiment.  Oh, there is no joy in Loudon Progress-ville today, that’s for sure.

Biggest Winner:  Hard to say.  My nominees are MC Dean for getting its full slate elected and Mark Sell for succeeding despite the Obamazombie email.  Congratulations, Mark.  Yes, I called for your resignation over that (and I still think you should have), but it looks like the LCRC has really come through.

BOS Races:  Simply put, it was an amazing clean sweep of the board of supervisors and over some strong Democratic incumbents.  

The single biggest thrill was seeing Andrea McGimsey tossed out.  Ding, dong the witch is dead!  Shawn Williams deserves a sincere congratulation for winning a majority in the three-way race where many thought he would come in last.  Some have voiced concerns about his experience, but, as long as he follows my lead, he will be fine.

Ken Reid stumped the TC panel and pulled off a close one against Kelly Burk.  Congratulations to him, but I shudder to think of how the BOS meetings will run with him and Delgaudio on the dais.  My advice to Scott York: get a big gavel and learn how to throw it like Davy Crockett threw a hatchet.

Geary Higgins wins decisively despite continuing missteps by his volunteers.  No doubt, the win was due to the Catoctin District chair’s hard work.

Eugene Delgaudio wins again as expected.  The great thing about this race is I got his impersonator to do my 6 year old’s birthday party.

Matt Letourneau, as predicted, easily dispatched Larry Roeder.  I hope Larry saved one of his spirit pots for his political career.

As great as this victory is, the wholly Republican BOS must not let this go to their head.  As Loudoun Insider wrote earlier, the Ghost of the BOS 2003-2007 looms largely.  Virtually any misstep or overreaching likely will trigger a strong Democratic backlash in 2014.  Please remember that, BOS.  These quadrennial pendulum swings are just too much to handle.

School Board.  Hatrick should just pack his bags now.  Debbie Rose knocking off incumbent Chairman John Stevens is the begging of the end for him.

House of Delegates. Congratulations to Randy Minchew who rolled over Dave Butler as expected.  He’s someone of whom we can be particularly proud representing Loudoun in Richmond.

David Ramadan’s story is a little different.  Despite all the money he spent, he still lost Loudoun County.  Despite the looming recount of the razor slim 50 vote margin he holds because of the Prince William precincts,  he and the RPV are sending out emails claiming victory (and Ramadan’s email does not thank or even reference his opponent, I might add).  He’ll probably win in the end, but to claim victory before the recount is finished and not even thank his opponent is yet another sad example of his poor campaign skills.  Any decent Republican would have cruised to victory in this district or at had the courtesy to thank his opponent.

Sheriff. What can you say about Mike Chapman other than, “Wow!”  Gathering a whopping 54% of the vote in a three-way race against the bad and the ugly (more appropriately, the disreputable and the deranged) truly is thrilling.  The race also revealed some meaningful polling data about the Loudoun electorate.  Money can buy exactly 5,006 votes – that’s the number of uninformed morons who voted for Ron Speakman.  By the way, Ron, I hear Penn State has an opening for an assistant coach.  Give them a call.

One final thought.  All this makes on wonder what this means Obama in 2012.  Each election since he became president has seen Democrats soundly thumped. Considering we’re in a swing state and a swing county, I see these results as prologue to an epic landslide next year.

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