Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Consider This: Charges Dropped Against School Board Candidate

For all those who tried, convicted and condemned Broad Run school board candidate Kevin Kuesters upon news of his being charged with domestic assault, consider the fact that the charges have now been dismissed.  For all those who paternalistically called for him to withdraw from the race so he could attend to his personal matters,  consider further what his wife had to say
There are a lot of false statements and speculation by people about what transpired, however, only he and I were there and only the two of us know the context of what happened. I fully support the Commonwealth’s decision to dismiss the charges against my husband, and our family is united in moving ahead and helping Kevin be elected to the Loudoun County School Board.
 One more thing.  Consider what you personally have done to the man and his family with the unjustified vitriol you've spread.  Consider those thing and maybe, just maybe,  next time you wont be so quick to judge.

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