Monday, March 28, 2011

Vice-Sheriff?, "I Love People" and More

Loudoun County Republican Party meetings these days are nothing if not surprising.  And tonight's meeting did not disappoint.

Loudoun County sheriff candidate Mark Davis announced he was withdrawing from the race throwing his support behind Verne Dickerson. That's not all that unusual, but what Dickerson had to say following the announcement was odd, if not troubling.

Dickerson went on to use the first person plural pronoun excessively in his speech about reform of the sheriff's office in which, ultimately, he announced that Davis would be his "principle advisor."  It wasn't quite clear from his speech whether that will be a paid position within the sheriff's office or something else, but it raises questions about the propriety of what was obviously some kind of political deal.

ITEM 2:  Volpe Announces Candidacy for Algonkian Supervisor
"I love people" is the reason Suzanne Volpe gave in announcing her run for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for the Algonkian District.  We'll see if the voters return the love.  Not surprisingly, she was first among the candidates to speak and spoke well longer than any other.

Shawn Williams announced his candidacy for Broad Run district supervisor.  Don't know much about him.

Current Dulles district chair Matt LeTourneau announced his candidacy for Dean district supervisor.

Of course, there was the assortment ofspeeches from the other candidates, but, frankly, I couldn't get past the Dickerson-Davis announcement.

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