Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THIS is the Face of Effective Government

In this the second in my series of love letters to Republican governors, I just want to call out Gov. Bob McDonnell (and the General Assembly) for an incredible accomplishment virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  Unlike Wisconsin or other states where caustic budget battles grab headlines, and unlike Virginia a few years back where the fight to balance the budget centered on massive tax increases, this year's amendments to the biennial budget (a) reduced spending, (b) reduced fees/taxes, (c) improved transportation spending (through smart bond financing), and (d) was approved unanimously by a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House of Delegates without a special session.

Fantastic job, ladies and gentlemen!  I'm always proud to be a Virginian, but, looking around at the mess that other states are in, I'm feeling even a little bit cocky.  McDonnell has shown some true leadership - definitely something to put at the top of his national resume.


  1. tsk tsk. The man deferred funding the pension plan - an unfunded liability and then had the chutzpa to claim a budget surplus.

    The man BORROWED money from the future to pay for transportation right now.

    Is that the same thing you guys whack Obama over?

    The Feds THREATENED TO SUE the State over it's Mental Health programs so what did McD and Cuccinelli the horrible do? They ran and hid while the GA had to scramble to cough up the money to keep the Feds from "interfering" with States Rights. Huh?

    smoke & mirrors.. hecka of a job Mcd!

  2. McD has done a credible job in mostly staying within the lines already established by the GA when he became Gov.

    They rejected several of his "innovations" including his bogus "privatize ABC to fund transportation" idea.

    I do give him credit for pushing the envelope - getting pension plans converted to defined contribution....

    but I have to tell you .. for whatever reason.. I trust the flush face of Christie more than McD who reminds me of someone selling junk on TV more than anything else.

    McD needs to gain some weight and stop getting razor cuts and let his shirt tails hang out more.

  3. Larry, I'll agree that Christie is more a "man of the people" kind of guy, so I like him from that standpoint.

    I like what McD has done, though. There's no denying that balancing the budget with no tax increase and a split GA is quite an accomplishment.

    I also like everything McDonnell has done on transportation - including the bonds which are the smartest way to finance long term projects, especially with the current rates. I like ABC privatization not only for the money, but it gives me hope for more convenient, reasonably priced Scotch.