Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Non-Effect of the Libyan Conflict on Presidential Ratings

With the military action in Libya, I expected approval ratings of President Teleprompter to skyrocket as they almost always do when there’s some kind of international skirmish.

Not for this guy. If any increase there was, it was quite small according to Rasmussen and 40% of Americans still strongly disapprove of his performance as president. No doubt, this comes as a result of a poor military strategy that was even more poorly communicated.

In other polling news, Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine of ten important issues. The tenth issue being picks for the NCAA tournament.

1 comment:

  1. According to Rasmussen - a right leaning polling organization... it's

    Approval - 47% disapprove - 52%

    so if his strategy was "poor", how come he didn't lose any points?

    Americans trust Republicans more than Dems?

    ha ha ha ha

    how about naming the Republican candidate that out-polls Obama right now?

    how's that for "trusting" Republicans?


    the Obama haters have been there from day 1 and it really don't matter what he does - they're still going to hate him.

    What can you say about a Republican base - 1/2 of which says he's a secret Muslim not born in America anyhow, Lloyd?

    Admit it guy - Republicans are loony tunes these days.

    Pallin, Bachman, Gingrich, Barbour

    ha ha ha .. this is your first team for the coming election?

    Ya'll better pray and pray hard for a dark horse... cuz Obama will wipe the floor with these fools.