Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dickerson's pledge of a "clean, positive campaign." Well, that lasted almost a day.

On Tuesday (yesterday), a week after his odd public denunciation of another candidate's mailer, sheriff candidate Verne Dickerson  issued a joint press release with another candidate stressing how the two would run "clean, positive campaigns."

And then came Wednesday's mail. 

In it was a campaign piece from Dickerson that read in pertinent part:

"Can we trust the current Sheriff?"

"[T]he day after the Loudoun Times published my Letter to the Editor asking [current Sheriff Steve] Simpson to return the money [from El-Atari] and step down, Simpson quietly 'donated' political dollars raised from a golfing fundraiser to fifteen Louduon charities.  Such actions are woefully transparent."

"{Simpson] needed repeated public outcry before he decided to shift the tainted $15,000 El-Atari donation to charities instead. All these current issues are interfering with the Sheriff's ablity to work with other agencies and, most importantly, raise fundamental concerns about credibility and integrity. This a is a matter of trust, or specifically, a lack of trust"

"You can trust that I won't need the newspapers pointing out questionable or illegal donations to do the right thing."

No, we sure don't need newspapers to point anything out.  All we need is a blogger or two to point out the outrageous hypocrisy of an increasing self-destructive candidate. 

Then we let the electorate take it from there.

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