Sunday, March 20, 2011

Decennial "Name the Magisterial Districts" Contest

Stevens Miller has a blog post about how the new magisterial districts are to be named by the supervisors of the respective districts, but, for some reason, he objects to any district being called "Dulles." Although he also would oppose naming any district "Miller" (as if the thought of that even in jest exists anywhere but his ego), unconfirmed reports have Mr. Miller supporting the following naming scheme:

Old District Name                                               New District Name

Leesburg                                                            Millersburg

Potomac                                                             Millermac

Catoctin                                                             Catoctomiller

Sterling                                                               Big Fat Stinky Head's District

Blue Ridge                                                         Miller Ridge

Broad Run                                                         Miller Run

Sugarland Run                                                   Millerland Run - Amended

Just a little fun, folks.

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