Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And Then There Were Three

For me, the field of candidates in the sheriff’s race is dwindling quickly.  Here's my run down.

Simpson – OUT – too much baggage, too little time to campaign given his peddling of radioactive Gatorade.

Speakman - OUT – “out” because he’s out of town.  Can’t wait to see how he answer’s NoVa Town Hall’s question about Loudoun residency.

Dickerson - OUT – he did himself in on Monday night.  Anyone that tries to out-Christian his opponent in rebuttal to a perfectly fair campaign piece is not my guy.

Davis – IN – technically in, but he has a long road ahead of him in terms of convincing voters he has the managerial experience or formal education sufficient to run a large sheriff’s office.

Chapman – IN – good high-level law enforcement background, but lack of the on-the-beat experience and Loudoun connections could hurt him with the Loudoun good ol' boy (and girl) crowd.

War Department – Involuntarily IN – as my back up candidate in any election, the War Department always runs the possibility of getting a write-in vote or two.  Never fired a gun, but she has a master’s degree and great experience running our local “jail,” so don’t count her out.

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