Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama's Debacle in the Desert

The Obama Administration's response to the Arizona immigration law is disturbing on so many levels.

Let's review.

• US Attorney Eric Holder lambastes the law, though later admitting he had never even read it.

• President Obama blasts Arizona and its law before Mexican president Felipe Calderon on a state visit

• Representatives from the Obama Justice Department meet with Arizona attorney general Terry Goddard to "discuss" the law in an unprecedented level of interference (I'll bet they offered him a job in the Administration).

Now, despite his DOJ representatives plotting with Goddard and disavowal of Arizona before a foreign head of state, Obama himself has no time at all to meet with Governor Brewer. Remember Obama had plenty of time for beers to settle a minor personal squabble. When it comes to meeting with a governor of a state over an issue of international significance, however, he has to wash his hair.

6/2 UPDATE:  Obama to Meet with Brewer.  Apparently my post made the difference.

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