Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Move On!

An article in yesterday’s Loudoun Times-Mirror today discussed a public hearing at which a group of Ashburn homeowners associations protested the countywide transportation plan, which would widen a variety of roads west of Rt. 28 eastward to US 15. The group offered an analysis from its hired gun that, to my complete surprise (note the snark), offered a completely bogus report that attempted to poked holes in the county plan, claiming that the county plan overestimated future drivers.

Now, I don’t blame them for not wanting a wider road near their homes. Most people wouldn’t. But this is exactly the same kind selfish, shortsighted agitation from a vocal few that has effectively paralyzed transportation development in northern Virginia for years leading to longer commutes for millions. We’ve seen the exact same thing with widening Route 66 – the funding is there, but so too is local opposition. And I am sick of it.

We already have the second worst traffic in the country despite having among the highest rates of carpooling and mass transit. We need to build more roads, plain and simple! And as for overestimating the number of drivers, when was the last time you heard someone they complain of loneliness on a local road?

Look further at the group’s counter proposal. One of the primary recommendations is to encourage walking. Walking! No joke. So get out your Nikes if you plan to travel through Ashburn. Jeesh.

Bigger roads are the price of growth. Just suck up the fumes and get over it.

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