Sunday, May 2, 2010

The New King of Embarrassment

A week after his very public and wholly unprofessional outburst at Eugene Delgaudio, Supervisor Stevens Miller is at it again. This time, he’s berating Ralph Buona, the chairman of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, with all the eloquence of a whiny schoolyard twerp. With it, he takes the crown from Delgaudio as Loudoun’s King of Embarrassment.

Motivating his wackiness against both Delgaudio and Buona is Miller’s suggestion that private organizations whose members are also on county boards should be subject to the same level of public oversight in those private activities as with public boards. Mr. Buona in the Loudoun Independent well explained the chilling effect of such a requirement on public participation. And he did so in a very professional, respectful way. Judge for yourself.

Contrast that with Mr. Miller’s statement, which took a distinctly personal tone. Just as he went off on Delguadio last week, he fires into Mr. Buona personally with unjustifiable vitriol using words like “silly,” “deceptive,” “ridiculous,” “absurd,” “fear-mongering” -- all in just one letter to the editor. Ironically, on the page before Miller’s diatribe is an editorial citing Miller’s last outburst and urging decorum in board of supervisor meetings.

His proposals, and his bizarre attacks on opponents to it, simply reflect Mr. Miller’s lack of confidence in himself and the board of supervisors (which, after all, is the entity that makes the laws - not the CEOs). Miller has proven he has neither the temperament nor the perspective for the job. Loudoun's businesses and its citizenry clearly deserve better.

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