Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Will Speak for the Rich?

I am the Llorax and I speak for the rich
Who have been shamed into silence through attacks and tax and threats of violence.
They hold their tongues for fear of reprisal, of denial and outright despisal.
So I offer here a few words, a plea, and a reminder that they are not on trial.

You have vilified them, made it a crime to succeed.
Why?  Well, ironically, it's nothing but your own greed. 
You look not to yourself, but to the government to satisfy your every want and need
And expect the so-called rich to more of their wealth concede.

Oh, the hypocrisy!  You know like them you want to be – to have their success and horn of plenty
Instead you fall victim to populism, to promises, to petty jealousy and envy

We need the rich to inspire and to hire
And the other good things they do, like sponsoring the kids’ choir

“It is fair to take their money.”  “Tax them more!” you say.
Oh, my dear friends, you would empty the bay.

They already pay more than you in both amount and rate
Still you hunt them down, like the barbarians at the gate.

So, I say to you, please just let the rich be.
Find some other way to save your economy.

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