Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Four Signs that Obama Is on the Ropes

Four weeks out from the election, and Lady Mo (as in momentum) is smiling big at Mitt Romney.  Four key  indicators, primarily from Democratic sources, best tell the story:

1.  Today's Washington Post in which it concedes that Romney is surging (while it's  a headline above the fold in the print edition, it's buried in the online version)

2.   An article in the Daily Beast in which a lifelong Democrat cogently explains why he is voting for Romney.  Great article and worth reading all the way through.

3.  The Domino's Pizza guy who delivered pizzas for the Little Nuke's birthday party.  When he saw my Romney yard sign, he remarked, "I go to a lot of houses, and I have seen no Obama signs anywhere!"  Although normally the absence of Democratic yard signs in Loudoun would be no big deal,  it does reflect a shocking reversal from 2008 and an uninspired Democratic party.

4.  Finally, and most telling of all, I saw a Romney sticker this morning on a hybrid.  A hybrid!!!

It's not quite time to measure the drapes, but things are looking pretty good.  And things will look even better on Friday morning once Ryan mops the floor with Biden and his hair plugs.

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