Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Told You So, I Told You So, I Told You So.

Q. What is the single biggest issue Democrats are throwing at Republicans this election (and, particularly, in the Kaine/Allen US Senate race)?

A. They hate women

Q. Why would they ever say a horrible thing like that?

A. For one, the Republican-controlled General Assembly last session passed legislation, such as the mandatory ultrasound bill, and introduced others, like the ones related to “personhood” and HPV vaccinations, that sure make it look that way.

Listen, GA, I warned you over and over and over again to ignore the wackos driving those divisive social issues for this very reason, but nooooo you wouldn’t listen. Now we’re faced with fumbling the opportunity to control the US Senate. And for what? Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe you did manage throw a bone to the fringe elements of your local constituencies — petty political moves that now have been proven to carry adverse national implications for the entire party.

Nice job. What ever will you screw up next session?

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