Friday, October 5, 2012

What IS a Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Do?

Let’s see, your ambassador was assassinated by terrorists, your embassies are under siege, your sworn enemy is on the verge of nuclear capability and your closest ally in that region hates your guts. Hmmm. Definitely would seem to be a challenge for a guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize

So how does our esteemed President Teleprompter respond? First, blame it all on a video and then apologize for the Americans who exercised their free speech rights in producing it. Next, say you’re “investigating” the incident and in so doing imply an unwillingness to swiftly use military power to protect American interests. And, finally, ignore the ally when he appears before the UN. Hey, sure wouldn’t want to tarnish that Peace Prize.

Can’t wait for the debate on foreign policy. If you thought the domestic policy debate was a victory for Romney, this one is sure to be a blowout.

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  1. I certainly agree that Obama's foreign policy is a bust, but I have no confidence that Romney would do any better. Here we are broke and he thinks we need a LARGER military. What we really need is an overhaul of the UN. Specifically this...

    Unfortunately I see both of these guys as absolutely clueless on foreign policy, so I won't hold my breath.