Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Rally at Ida Lee for the “Gosh President”

Without the benefit of our own private motorcade, 10-year-old Nuclear Device No. 2 and I made it to the Romney rally last night at Ida Lee along with more than 6,600 supporters (exceptionally impressive turnout especially for a Thursday afternoon).  We were not disappointed.

Del. Barbara Comstock, one of the co-chairs of Romney's campaign and Loudoun Insider’s favorite pinup girl*, opened up the evening, followed by a rousing speech from Del. Randy Minchew.  Susan Allen gave a great speech on behalf of George Allen (I'm voting for the Allen ticket;  I’m sure she’ll make a great senator).

I was surprised to see comedian Dennis Miller speak.  He was, to use his term, a pretty cool cat.  I especially liked the way he described Romney and his down-to-Earth demeanor.  Romney’s use of the term "gosh" in conversations with Miller had Miller suggesting that he should be the "Gosh President."  It was funnier when he said it.  The other notable thing was how he forgot Frank Wolf's first name when introducing him.  A bit of an oops, but what do you expect from a comedian.

Romney's speech was exciting and, appropriately, rallying.  He got in a few post-rebuttal barbs, including one about Obama's explanation of high gasoline prices due to the red-hot economy (bwaa haaa haa).  Simply put,  Romney, once again, was showing himself to be the real deal – personable, knowledge and capable.

*Just for you, LI, I updated the post with a photo of her at the podium.

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