Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday Morning Quarterback

The most important thing about this primary election is that Loudoun GOPer would owe me 12 beers by my count had she had enough courage to put her beer where her operative hack mouth is. She didn't and now she must live with my gloating and further commentary.  Allow me to expand.

Minchew. It may have been by only 87 votes, but a win is a win. Whitbeck showed surprisingly well. The beauty here is that because Minchew is well-respected, even in Democratic circles, he’s a lock for Richmond.

Ramadan. He spent a lot of money to beat someone whom  he would have/should have beaten like a red headed step child. If he’s going to win in November, he needs (a) someone who knows the capitalization rules to proofread his campaign literature; (b) a more traditional campaign approach; and (c) a solid explanation for his position on the Ground Zero mosque. As someone else pointed out earlier, Chase missed that lay up in favor of the stupid three point attempt at branding him a terrorist. A more measured approach would have been more problematic for Ramadan, and I’d expect the Dem candidate will not let it slide.

Black.  One word – FitzSimmond. Or is that two? At any rate, I did not expect him to draw that well, and he certainly played the role of spoiler. And it’s unfortunate. Stirrup would have given the Republicans a sure win in November. Black, however, gives the Dems something to rally against. Probably still won’t be enough in that heavy R district to give the win to the Ds.

Favola. In the “nobody cares but me and seven other Loudoun precincts” category, Favola demolished her opponent. This is bad news for Caren Merrick as, apparently, Favola is not as unpopular as Not Larry Sabato would have you believe. While Merrick already is working the Loudoun precincts hard, neither Dem candidate had a single sign this side of Fairfax County line. Favola obviously doesn’t give a damn about Loudoun, and, frankly, I wouldn’t either if I were her. It’s a small percentage of the electorate and very few Dems anyway. Hope for a Merrick Miracle!

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