Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Chicken in Every Spirit Pot

As the Democratic nominee for Dulles District supervisor, Larry Roeder touts his “ability to build innovative solutions.”   In the day job, he builds and sells something else: “spirit pots” which are, in his own words, “special containers for the ashes and soul of the departed.  Many people use these for pets, others for people.”  Yes, that’s right, just like one from the Steve Martin/Lilly Tomlin movie All of Me.   Can I get one in magenta?  There’s a dead fly on my window sill that I’d like to remember properly.           
One other thing from the day job.  He emphasizes his international experience with the State Department.  These days, that experience is used to increase international attention on animal welfare as a means of reducing the effects of climate change.  Sounds about as rational as any other climate change analysis I’ve seen.

Come November, he'll need one of those spirit pots for his political career.

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