Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dick Black Asks, "WHO CAN BEAT THE DEMOCRAT IN NOVEMBER?" Answer: John Stirrup

An email from Dick Black today asked the question that just begged bloggers for an answer.

In a general election where the majority of the electorate (not just the Republicans voting in the primary) is moderately conservative, a polarizing candidate like Dick Black is not only less likely to win, but he's also a lightning rod for criticism of Republican candidates in general.

Indeed, the primary difference between Mr. Black and Mr. Stirrup offered in Mr. Black's email is that he is a veteran. As honorable as that service is, it simply isn't enough to mask the extremism and carpetbagging that has characterized Black's political career. All Republican candidates are better off without him on the ticket in November.

The most electable candidate in the GENERAL election (which, by the way, is the one that counts) clearly is John Stirrup.

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