Friday, April 15, 2011

What Does McDonnell's Veto of the Redistricting Bill Mean for Loudoun?

In case you haven't seen it already, here is Governor McDonnell's statement in veto of the redistricting bill.  In relevant part, it provides:

1.  Senate plan does not meet the requirements of the Constitution of Virginia because the districts are not compact.

2.  Senate plan violates the one-man one-vote principle of the United States Constitution.

3.  Senate plan is simple partisan gerrymandering.

Right on all counts, Governor.

So what does this mean for Loudoun?  As I noted earlier, I thought Dick Black packed his bags for Ashburn too soon.  The Senate districts likely will change, and I'd be shocked if  Gov. McDonnell ever signed off on any plan that put Sterling in with Arlington. Of course, Black's so shameless about chasing some remote chance of election that he'll probably announce later today that he's moving back to Sterling.

On the House side, too, things could get shaken up.  Even though the governor's veto was directed at the Senate plan, he also effectively vetoed the House plan because the plans were part of  the same bill.  As a result, there could be some House-Senate compromise whereby some House districts are traded for Senate ones.  That, of course, could throw a wrench into the two seats (the 10th and 87th) for Loudoun in the latest House plan.

Finally, the veto shortens even more the campaign season.  Likely that fact alone will be used to justify some insular party nominating process instead of a state-run primary.

One thing's for sure.  There are plenty of candidates in a frenzy this afternoon.

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