Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bob Wertz v. The Zombie

Boy, do the Dems have a poor lineup this year. Across the board.

McGimsey. Bellanca. Roeder. But no one is worse, in my opinion, than zombie used car salesman Josh Actor running for Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue  To begin with, let me just point to the observations previously offered by NVTH a few weeks back. What's more, though, is that even the Dems won't touch him.  He's apparently been disowned by the LCDC (not even listed as a candidate), and Loudoun Progress has tried to do him a favor by NOT linking to his "website."

Contrast that with incumbent commissioner Bob Wertz.  In short, an all around great guy.  Calm and unassuming, Bob has delivered meaningful results in his eight years in office that have made Loudoun a better place for all of us.  His campaign officially kicks off this Thursday, April 27. 

Be there or risk being eaten by zombies.

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