Friday, April 15, 2011

Open Thread on LCRC Meeting

Of all the LCRC meetings I've ever wanted to go to (and, honestly, there haven't been many), I wish I could be at tonight's. I'm dying to see the "protest" by the Virginia Anti-Intelligence Task Force and the Blue Ridge F-ups. I've opened this thread, and, despite all the talk about blogging etiquiette, the identities of the so-called protesters need not be preserved. (feel free to send pictures, too -

To lead things off, here's a comment offered by a reader earlier today:

"A group of Fauquier wanna-be tea-partiers are making the calls to rally folks for tonight against David. These are JoAnn and Clay Chases friends Rick Buchannan and Linda Miller. JoAnn worked tirelessly to try to get Rick elected as Fauquier County Republican Chair last year, even working the voting place for him all day, making nasty remarks as supporters of his victorious opponents. Her fingerprints are all over this rally tonight. And now she is trying to use Dick Black as a life preserver, but instead she’s becoming an anchor for him. What a ditz."

Also, as reported earlier by the esteemed Joe B, independent BOS Chairman Scott York is rumored to be rejoining the LCRC tonight. Bad move by York in my opinion, but what the heck do I know. We'll have to see if it actually comes through.

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