Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Demise of the Eastern Loudoun GOP

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Pop Quiz:

The disgusting 2011 redistricting of Senate and House of Delegates districts has had this effect on the Republican base in eastern Loudoun County: (a) orphaned it; (b) castrated it; or (c) killed it altogether.

Answer: any one or all is correct.

In the senate plan, conservative Cascades precincts are now combined with most of the Arlington precincts, precincts with more than four times the population of the Loudoun precincts and which voted for Creigh Deeds (yes, Deeds) 2-1 over McDonnell in the last gubernatorial election. No Republican could ever win this district so you may as well set out the welcome mat for Democratic Arlington supervisor Barbara Favola as the next state senator for the 31st district. As much as I dislike politicians for moving around, in a way, I almost can’t blame Dick Black for high-tailing it to Ashburn.

Things aren’t much better on the House side where Republicans had the pen. The addition of few Republican eastern Loudoun precincts to Barbara Comstock’s district significantly betters her chances for reelection, but it does so at the expense of Loudoun self rule. With twice the number of voters, Fairfax influence in the 34th HOD will reign supreme. In other words, the district is better for a Republican candidate, just not a Loudoun Republican candidate.

Bottom line: Republicans in the sacrificed eastern Loudoun precincts have about as much relevance and influence Republicans in DC.

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