Monday, April 25, 2011

Loudoun Dodgers?

As troubled as the Los Angeles Dodgers are with MLB having taken over the team, things aren’t looking much better for our local team.

The Loudoun Hounds, who originally promised to throw out the first pitch in May 2011, now say it won’t happen until the 2012 season.  However, since construction apparently has not yet even begun on the stadium, much less the surrounding Kincora development, even that date is in question.  There’s this photograph of a pretty little backhoe on the Hounds’ website, but there are none of the promised construction cameras nor any reference to the stadium’s ground breaking.  Add to all that the issues about the club’s financing, and it’s highly questionable whether they’ll be ready next year. If ever.

Don’t get me wrong – I very much hope they can pull it off.  It’ll be a great addition to Loudoun, and, in my excitement, I’ve even bought some Hounds gear.

I just hope I’ll have a game to wear it to someday.

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