Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Real Solution to Convention Fees: End Conventions

UPDATED UPDATE: My apologies for my previous reference to Del. Marshall's position on conventions in general. I've revised the post accordingly.

UPDATED: I was scooped by Loudoun Insider, but I'll publish my comments on Marshall's email separately because their slightly different from those of my blogging colleague.

In a recent email addressed to “Party Chair, Members of State Central Committee, Interested Republicans,” Del. Bob Marshall cries foul at a proposal to impose mandatory state convention fees citing, among other things, the impact of such fees on participation in the electoral process.

If public participation is the concern, the obvious solution is to simply end the antiquated convention process with its attendant back-room deals (and resulting unelectable extremist nominees) and select Republican nominees through a primary election.

And for those of you conspiracy theorists who think the Dems will infiltrate any primary, two homework questions for you:

1. Show me one election where an open primary ultimately made a difference in the election of the nominee.

2. Explain why the General Assembly has not changed the law if not to protect incumbents and/or reduce their own expense in mounting a primary campaign.

The full email is at Mason Conservative.

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