Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bearing Drift Goes Print

Our friendly mailman today delivered a single piece of mail - the first print edition of Bearing Drift magazine.  I'm not quite sure whether an electronic magazine/blog going to print is a move up in stature or a move backward in technology.  At any rate, congratulations to the Bearing Drift crew including former TC contributor Brian Schoeneman.

On the Good Side
The print edition features solid, substantive articles including Brian's detailed description of the redistricting process.  Also on the good side is the cover story, a guest article by Lt.Gov. Bill Bolling.  Bill sure is grabbing some headlines lately, which, again, makes me wonder whether he'll throw in his hat for the US Senate.

On the "Opportunity" Side
LCRC's own Eve Marie Barner offered an article on health care, which was fine.  However, as is the case with just about any political discussion with Eve, Ken Cuccinelli figures prominently.  Again, that's fine, too, but I think it would be fair/helpful for readers to know the background of the authors including, in this case, Eve's former employment by Mr. Cuccinelli.

Overall, though, I think it's a great addition to my mailbox.  And my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a successful run in the print arena.  I'd put up a link to it, but  . . .

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