Monday, January 10, 2011

The Blame Game

I really tried to stay out of this discussion, but my disgust with the political finger pointing has now gotten the better of me. Yes, this is a forum for political discussion and the topic of the tone of those discussions certainly is fair game. However, to blame this tragedy on anyone other than the deranged man who pulled the trigger and shot those innocent people is wrong. Wrong, too, is to blame his actions on anything other than his obvious mental illness.

Yes, some kill the innocent as a way of stating their political beliefs. Others simply have a physiological ailment where a position on an issue could trigger violence just as easily as the positioning of a tissue. And because anyone who kills the innocent is inherently deranged to a certain degree, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between those motivated by an overwhelming, misplaced passion and those who have a profound psychological problem. Here, though, you won’t see any reference to politicians or political tone in this guy’s YouTube message. Currency, grammar, and mind control are his issues - not health care, not taxes, not gun ownership.

In a country where people increasing blame other people for their own failures, we also have taken to blaming everyone imaginable for any tragedy, particularly when a single individual brings about the tragedy. My suggestion is simply to stop the blame game for now, pray for the families, and let the justice system do its job.

I don’t plan to reply to any comments on this so don’t waste your time calling me na├»ve or an idiot. Frankly, this is one time when I know I’m right and I don’t give a damn what others may think.

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