Monday, January 24, 2011

Baggage Flies Free

It’s no surprise that former senator and governor George Allen announced today that he’s seeking to take back his old seat in the Senate from Jim Webb. It’s a shame that such a promising political career took such a quick and sudden nosedive with his macaca moment, and Allen just can’t seem to get past that turbulence.

As far as other potential candidates, Del. Bob Marshall has overfilled his bags with, shall we say, “novel” legislation that even staunch conservatives won’t help him carry. The rest of the pack so lack name recognition and gravitas that they won’t even make it through the security checkpoint.

The One (and I use the capitalization intentionally and tongue-in-cheek given recent posts on this site) high-flyer whom I would like to see run is Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. He has the name recognition, credentials and money to really take off. He doesn’t have the pizzazz of an Allen or Marshall, but he’s a very solid leader, especially on business issues.

NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, Lt. Gov. Bolling has invited conservative bloggers to a day at the Capitol.  Although I am not above taking a bribe for a favorable piece, it will take more than rubber chicken dinner to do it. (and that's just a joke, by the way).

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