Thursday, July 29, 2010

Disgusting Management of a National Shrine

Combine incompetence and outright fraud with nepotism and preferential contracting, and you get the shocking desecration of one of the most revered sites in American history.   In sum, the location of more than 6,000 soldiers remains buried at Arlington National Cemetery are in question because two morons were allowed to run Arlington for more than a decade without any supervision or accountability.

Both the deputy director in charge of operations, Thurman Higginbotham, and the director, John Metzler, have resigned in light of a congressional inquiry.   Metzler in testimony today gave a  conflicting and confusing account of the debacle, and, frankly, just made thing worse for himself.

Higginbotham (pictured here irreverently sitting on someone's grave), on the other hand, has taken the Fifth.  Back in 2006, however, he offered this little tidbit to Government Computer News, "My goal is ... so people can look up a grave from home and print out a map that will show exactly where the grave site is.”
Just don't expect the right body to be under that headstone.

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