Monday, August 2, 2010

0-2 (temporarily)

I lost two early rounds in my lawsuit pick-em game.  Arizona effectively lost the first round in the challenge to its immigration verification law, and Virginia/Cuccinelli won an early victory in the suit against Obamacare.

The result in the Arizona case is no big surprise, but the win for Cuccinelli is a shocker even if only preliminary.  Ultimately, I think he still loses on the merits  (I hope he wins, but I'm being realistic).

The next big showdown will be, oddly enough, a combination of the two:  Cuccinelli's opinion on immigration checks by police.  My prediction there is that he'll be sued shortly by MALDEF, the ACLU or some other such organization and he will lose, in the short term, just as Arizona did. 

I'm doubling down with another $20.
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