Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's YOUR Fault Obama's Not Popular

Obama apologists, no longer getting any lift from blaming his predecessor for all the country’s ills, have taken a new tack. Now, they’re blaming all Americans.

Responding to a Washington Post poll that 6 in 10 Americans have no faith in the president's abilities, liberal talking-head Bill Press had this to say

The blogosphere has been all over this, prompting many great quips like
Just who do you think spoiled us? George Bush


Are you ready to accept your portion of the blame for Obama’s numbers?


Change the People!

Indeed, we rightfully should expect our much from our elected officials, particularly those who campaigned on nothing more than vague promises of  “change” and “hope.”  If we are to preserve a viable republican form of government, we must never tolerate ineptitude. We must never suffer through failed, arrogant policies. We must accept nothing less than clearly articulated and promptly executed polices for solving this country's problems.  And if you can’t govern to those expectations, get the Hell out of the way and let someone who can.

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