Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama's Arizona Suit is a Loser in the Court of Public Opinion, Too

Half of Americans polled oppose President Teleprompter's suit challenging Arizona's immigration verification law and only 30% support it. (And that 30% ties nicely with the whopping 26% of the country that strongly believe he's doing a good job).

True leaders have the courage to make unpopular decisions and the ability to then convince others of correctness's of the decision. However, repeatedly taking major actions such as this suit and the health care entitlement program that never had, and never will have, popular support is not leadership.

It's arrogance.
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  1. hey.. how come Arizona has all these illegals if they have shut down the illegal employers?

    Why would all these illegals keep coming to Arizona if no one will employ them?

  2. Because the feds aren't enforcing the law - hence the need for some kind of state enforcement.

  3. yeah Lloyd but if Arizona actually concentrated on the illegal employers there would be no reason for the illegals to come anymore and they would't have to have a fence and having police checking on their status.

    Without a job, they'd leave, right?

  4. I doubt they'd just "leave." How would that benefit the drug running business?

  5. You are correct. Arrogance and opportunism rule the day. We are witnessing the convergence of long-smoldering issues with a Congress that is actually getting things done. Unfortunately for us, what they are doing is turning the president's agenda into law. We need to fix that in November.

  6. The truth is that Arizona could go after the illegal employers and illegals would than have no way to make a living and would leave and others would not come.

    If someone things they'd just get into drugs.. then deal with them like we do other drug dealers...

    But Arizona has the ability to directly affect what attracts illegals to that state and they have chosen to not do it.

    The American people support going after the illegal employers... also...

    November will be interesting.

    What will it take to gain control of both houses and be able to pass veto-proof legislation?

    Is that a realistic goal?