Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dateline Reno: Angle in Self-Destruction Mode

Your intrepid reporter is on the scene in northern Nevada where the morning talk shows are running political ad after political ad.  Harry Reid v. Sharron Angle in the Senate race, and Reid's son Rory (aka The Undertaker) v. Brian Sandoval in the governor's race.  Not surprisingly, the elder Reid is hammering Angle as an extremist, quoting snippets from her speeches in which she says it's not a senators job to create jobs.  Reid, in another expected move, touts his ability to spend your tax money on Nevadans including a VA hospital in Las Vegas for the huge number of Agent Orange sufferers there (note snark)

While huge media blitzes are nothing unusual, a candidate shunning the media like an indicted Lindsay Lohan in a perp walk is something different.  Angle, at her own media event, quickly walked away from local TV reporters seeking to ask questions not answered in the press conference.   And, of course, the station would not let that one go away.

Republicans had a golden chance to oust Reid, but extremism has gotten the better of them.. After nominating a horrible candidate like Angle with misstep after misstep, you can expect the Tea Party to take a huge loss here - and, as a result,  we all get six more years of Harry Reid.

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