Monday, January 23, 2012

Return of Plastic Fetus Guy!

It sure didn't take long.

Yes, at his very first opportunity, newly minted state senator Dick Black resumed his place as the General Assembly's chief social wingnut.  Once again under the insulting guise of protecting the mother's health, Black has offered legislation clearly designed to further intimated and punish women seeking abortions.  His latest bill,  SB 279, would force a doctor at the time the abortion procedure was scheduled  to perform an ultrasound "to more accurately determine gestation age and further protect the health of the mother" and, further, force the doctor to offer the mother to view the ultrasound.  Yeah, like the mother's health is bettered by showing her the ultrasound of the fetus she came to abort.  What a complete ass.

And for all those Dick Black apologists who, during the campaign, argued  Black's plastic fetus fetish was a thing of the past, I ask simply, "Where are you now?"

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