Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Important Piece of Legislation – EVER

Sure, the Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta and the Constitution are kind of important, but they pale in comparison to the magnitude, and sheer beauty, of House Joint Resolution 104.
HJ 104, patroned by Del. Randy Minchew (R-Loudoun), would commission a feasibility study for the construction of a museum to honor great Americans.   You’ll recall that  I suggested just such a study in a previous post, Time for Virginia to Save the Real Hall of Fame.  And while my characterization of the importance of the resolution may be a bit colored, Del. Minchew should be commended  for answering the call.  Thank you, Randy!

To say it again, America desperately needs a hall that honors its greatest achievers.  America has no single place that honors our Founding Fathers, our great inventors, businessmen, statesmen, philosophers, poets, humanitarians, explorers and all the other patriots that have proven that freedom does indeed bestow wonderful blessings.  We  need a hall that is deep in content but still interactive and entertaining.  A hall that captures the past but uses 21st century technology to make that history come alive. A hall that recognizes not fame but true greatness.  Most of all, we need a hall that inspires future generations of Americans to be great.
Although modest in the world of legislative priorities, this study nonetheless lights the flame by which Virginia will again show her leadership in  celebrating and preserving the accomplishments of the American spirit.

The resolution is coming for hearing in the Studies subcommittee of the House Rules committee this week.  If you believe it the project, please voice your support by contacting these members of the subcommittee:

Chairman R. Steven Landes,
Del. Delegate R. Lee Ware, Jr.,
Del. Robert D. Orrock, Sr.,
Del. Barry D. Knight,
Del. Johnny S. Joannou, (804) 698-1079 (no email)
Del. Kenneth C. Alexander,

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