Thursday, January 12, 2012

And They're Off!

The General Assembly is getting into full swing, including House committee assignments (Senate is still working things out given the 20-20 split). Here are a few highlights with the full list here:

Minchew:  Scored two huge appointments for a freshman:   Transportation and Courts of Justice.

Comstock:  Also appointed to the Transportation committee (good to see we have some strong NoVA legislators there) as well as Commerce & Labor and Science & Technology (great appointments considering her business experience)

Greason:  In only his second term, Tag was appointed to the very exclusive Appropriations committee as well as the Education and General Laws committees.  Great platform for him.

May:  As a senior statesman, he was appointed chairman of the Transportation committee, which especially when combined with additional NoVA delegates Comstock, Minchew and Rust,  is great news for northern Virginia.

Rust:  Four committee appointments including Transportation, Education, Commerce & Labor and Science & Technology.

Ramadan:   Appointed to Science & Technology and Privileges & Elections (how about some party registration, David?)

All in all, Loudoun and NoVA certainly seem to have the best representation it could hope for when it comes to solving our traffic woes.

Good luck with that.

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