Saturday, January 14, 2012

Final Report Card on the 2007-2011 BOS

The final report card for the 2007-2011 Loudoun County Board of Supervisors came in yesterday’s mail.  There’s just one grade on it:  F.  Make that F-.

The “report card” is my tax bill, which shows a $1.285 rate.  Now, while we all know the “rate” is not the best measure of real estate tax burden, our rate has nonetheless increased 40% over the $0.917 rate in 2007.   From the inherited $0.917 rate in 2007, it went to $1.14 in 2008, to $124.5 in 2009 then to $1.30 in 2010.
The actual tax on my house, moreover, has had a trajectory that would make NASA envious.  It increased 35% over that same time.  35%!! That includes one year, 2008, when it increased 28%.  Epic, epic failure of the BOS to control spending and/or diversify the tax base.

Thankfully, unlike elementary school, this board won’t be repeating the grade.
And let that be a “lesson” for the new board.

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